This is Willy.  He’s had a hard life ...
Willy was  originally found as a stray and brought to a kill shelter in Georgia. This was not the first time he found himself in the shelter and we are told this was the 4th time with the same owners.  His owners later signed him over to animal control. Willy lived most of his life at the end of a chain.  We are told he was often chained to a trailer in a trailer park just off a highway.   He’s underweight and no vetting was ever done as far as we know. 
Despite all this he is a sweet and calm.  He wants to be loved and part of a family.  He  will be fully vetted and is  currently about 50 lbs /approx a year old.  He deserves a better life ..a great life...We are going to make sure he gets just that ! 



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Fairfield, NJ, USA

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